Do the wealthy think differently than others? They do view risks differently and decisions about risks. The middle class is taught a more traditional way to live. They go to college, get a job and one day they will retire. In reality, the majority of middle class youth move back home after college because they owe thousands of dollars in student loan debt. There has to be a way of taking control of one’s life and not falling into the same old trap. A book, called, Entrepreneur Unleashed, teaches people to go after several ways of making money. Further, the book also teaches what is required to earn an extra $10,000 a month or an extra $1,000 per hour. It sounds to good to be true but these are the lessons taught by economic guru Gregory Downing. believes one needs to reboot their brain daily in order to be successful. Success takes concentration and focus. Entrepreneurs who create wealth handle several different projects at once. For example, they manage real estate, scout for more investments and manage several different businesses. Downing’s key to a daily reboot is his workout. Indeed, even a few minutes of exercise helps the brain stay healthy. Exercise releases endorphins which makes one happier and better able to work. A healthy diet also works wonder for the entrepreneur. Eat foods containing omega3 fatty acids, because they alleviate stress. Finally, most wise men have practiced some form of meditation. Meditation clears the mind and helps people focus. Visit his website and learn About Gregory Downing.

Gregory’s book, Legacy Unleashed, discusses generational wealth. Generational wealth is what some of the richest people in the country have. It is money that passes from generation to generation. The author wants to teach a money lesson that lives on through generations. If people start learning the lessons now, their families will be wealthy in the future. Downing believes the greatest gift we can pass on is teaching our family to be financially free.

Gregory Downing has years of experience in management and leadership. Prior to becoming a writer and speaker, he worked for many years as the general manager of four car dealerships. Downing will come to your organization to speak about his books and beliefs. Make arrangements by visiting his website. The author also has free mentoring sessions throughout the U.S. Sign up for notifications about these events. Everyone needs to know how to live so that we are making our work count. Downing is the man to stop the cycle of living from paycheck to paycheck.